Load Capcity


Lift Height


Drive Types


With a comprehensive safety protection system, excellent ergonomic design, an advanced control system and excellent performance, the vehicle is reliable, stable, comfortable and safe, and may be used for picking, transportation and other operations in narrow, low environments such as small warehouses, supermarkets, laboratories, etc.

The advanced AC control system performs accurate, stable and efficient control. The CANBUS bus structure makes the communication of the vehicle faster and more reliable.

For the standard configuration, multi-function instruments have multiple functions such as mode selection, wheel position display, etc., and can clearly display various information of the vehicle.

Right and left hand sensing.

Front and rear flashing lights.

A lower operation panel is designed to enables the operations such as operation platform lifting, brake release, etc. to be performed outside the vehicle so as to facilitate vehicle maintenance.

  • Reliability

    With a high-strength steel frame structure, the vehicle frame is robust and reliable. All wires and cables have reliable protection, which greatly improves the reliability of the electrical system. Switches, connectors, instruments and other key parts are all of leading international brands and have excellent performance and reliable quality.

  • High performance

    A green and environmentally friendly, efficient energy-saving CATL lithium battery is provided for the standard configuration. An integrated charger enables easy and quick charging. For the standard configuration a load tray and platform tray that can be lifted manually/electrically are provided to enable higher picking and transportation efficiency.

  • Comfort

    The mast ascending and descending buffering function offers more comfort. An optional tray that can be lifted electrically can be operated easily, stably and comfortably. Multi-layer pedal pads and door pads reduce operator fatigue.

  • Safety

    The right and left hand sensing and safety pedal ensure the operator is in the correct operating position. For the standard configuration a tilt switch sensor and a door guardrail sensing switch are provided to improve the operation safety. The driving speed is correlated with lifting height, the higher the lifting height, the lower the driving speed and the correspondingly smaller the acceleration.

  • Maintenance

    The maintenance-free brushless AC motor significantly reduces the operating cost. The integrated battery display, timer and fault self-diagnosis gauge facilitate maintenance.


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